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The contact for materials selection, technical audits,
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specialising in upstream oil and gas.


Dr A T Cole
Principal Engineer
at MI&Corr

Tony has a strong academic background in Metallurgy, Corrosion and Engineering, supported by 25 years experience in an Exploration and Production environment. He is a Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and has been a Chartered Engineer for two decades.

Following his PhD and a year involved preventing the degradation of concrete structures, his Oil and Gas career began as a Cathodic Protection specialist, but over the course of time Tony has established significant experience in quality control, integrity management, non-destructive and destructive testing, inspection, inhibition, contract negotiation/management and integrity management.

In addition Tony produced and ran training sessions within Shell International for Well related, Corrosion and Procurement disciplines and wrote the Corrosion and Materials Chapter of Shell’s internal standard, “The Casing and Tubing Design Guide.”

Tony has worked in a variety of locations around the world including Libya, Bahrain, Qatar and with Shell in Oman, The Netherlands and most recently in Aberdeen. In his last Shell UK role he dealt with subsea, pipeline integrity and down-hole materials issues and training.

Prior to his move to the UK he worked in the Completions and Multilateral Technology and Smart Well Teams in Rijswijk, represented The Netherlands on ISO committees and ran a research project investigating alternative methods to connect down-hole tubulars. His last research project was commercialised as TubeFuse (